meet the Newport billionaires

The Billionaire's Black Book



Newspaper writer Bonnie Hamelin has just been handed a dream assignment from her senior editor—an exclusive interview with billionaire author Jack R. R. Bestia, whose hugely popular fantasy series has been made into a hit cable show adored by millions of fans worldwide. 

Correction—it should be a dream assignment, but for Bonnie, the prospect of interviewing this particular author seems more like a nightmare. It’s not just that he has a reputation for being reclusive and temperamental. And it’s not that she doesn’t like Jack’s books—in fact, she loves them—a little too much. He’s her favorite author of all-time. But the first (and last) time they met… well, let’s just say she didn’t make the best impression. 

Superstar author Jack Bestia does not have any interest in doing an interview. He does have: 

-a huge deadline looming

-a strong preference for privacy

-some pretty nasty scars from his last relationship

-and a big, BIG secret. 

He doesn’t want a snooping reporter anywhere near his seaside Newport, Rhode Island mansion. Unfortunately, his publisher isn’t interested in his preferences, his schedule, or his excuses. The seventh and final book in his bestselling series is two years overdue, and Jack’s on thin ice, at risk of getting cut from the publishing house altogether. He has no choice but to welcome Bonnie into his private world. 

But he doesn’t have to make it easy for her. 

He’ll act every bit as beastly as the tabloids have claimed he does, and she won’t want to spend a minute longer in his presence than absolutely necessary. That plan—and an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement—will ensure that no one finds out the awful truth. 

When Bonnie’s curiosity gets the better of her and she sees the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong place… Jack is enraged and takes drastic measures, forcing her to stay in his secluded seaside castle until his new book comes out, a virtual prisoner. It’s the only way to protect his secret. 

Unfortunately, he failed to anticipate the effect this clever and determined beauty might have on his household… and his heart. 

The Billionaire’s Black Book is a full-length sweet billionaire romance fairytale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It’s a standalone enemies-to-lovers/forced proximity slow burn romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and heart. Guaranteed to make you swoon, sigh, and smile. 



The Billionaire's White Lie



Winter landscape photographer Kristal Bianco has just been kicked out of her family home… by her jealous step-mother. Though Kristal’s father always encouraged her to pursue her art, his untimely death forced her to face the fact that it doesn’t pay the bills. Neither does running the charitable foundation created by her late mom. 

So, she’s traded her camera for a waitress’s order pad and gone from life in a mansion on Newport’s famed Bellevue Avenue to couch-surfing at her best friend’s tiny two-bedroom apartment. Cinda’s been a lifesaver, but Kristal can only impose for so long. She needs a new place to live—the sooner and cheaper the better. 

Thanks to a knack for coding, a whole lot of hard work, and his six best friends/business partners, billionaire software designer Hunter Bestia has almost everything he ever wanted when growing up poor among the rich kids of Newport, Rhode Island. Almost. 

He’s made his tech start-up the biggest online payment processor in the world, earned his first billion, and has women throwing themselves at him everywhere he goes. Actually, that last thing wasn’t on his list. The only girl he’s really ever wanted was—and still is—out of his league. And his money means nothing to her. 

But when Hunter and Kristal end up accidentally spending seven minutes in heaven—in this case, a dark room at a high society party—together, he begins to think she might not be so indifferent to him after all. 

And when he learns she’s desperate for a temporary place to live, he concocts a little white lie to convince her to move in with him… and his six housemates. After all, their rented mansion has plenty of room. And there’s no way he’s leaving Snow White out in the cold this winter. Not when there’s even the smallest chance his lifelong crush might finally wake up and see he’s the prince she’s been waiting for. 

The Billionaire’s White Lie is a full-length sweet billionaire romance fairytale retelling of Snow White. It’s a standalone secret admirer/friends-to-lovers/roommates/forbidden love romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and one heck of a happily ever after.  



The Billionaire's Blue Blood


She’s risen from the ashes of heartbreak…

No-nonsense single mom Cinda Brown is not looking for Prince Charming. The last time she fell for a handsome, sophisticated, wealthy guy, he left her at the worst possible time without a look backward or even a word of explanation. He did leave her with a lovely parting gift, though… which arrived nine months later. 

Now in charge of her own business—the Fairy Godmother Cleaning Agency—Cinda has her hands full managing her employees, including her two hapless step-sisters, and keeping her four-year-old son AJ happy, healthy, fed, and clothed. It’s not easy doing it all on her own, but she has zero interest in a new relationship. And who has the time? Her high society clients expect their Newport, Rhode Island mansions to be sparkling—on schedule—come hell, high water, or hurricane. 

So when a flu epidemic sweeps through her agency the day before the royal family of Aubernesse is to arrive in Newport, Cinda puts on a uniform and picks up the slack, working furiously to make sure their gorgeous vacation home is immaculate and ready for the elaborate ball they’re planning to throw. 

He’s looking for the perfect fit…

European prince Alexander Wessex isn’t happy to be back in Newport for the first time in five years. He’s stayed away so long for a reason. While the rest of his family continues to vacation in the beautiful seaside American town every year, the place lost its magic for him long ago—the night the only girl he’s ever loved proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she didn’t feel the same. 

But this trip is non-negotiable, a matter of duty. He’s planning to fly in, attend the ridiculous ball his mother is so insistent upon, then get back to his life in Europe as quickly as possible. That is until he arrives at the family estate early and catches the cleaning crew still at work. 

And gets a look at the woman beneath that coating of dust, ash, and spiderwebs…

The Billionaire's Blue Blood  is a full-length sweet billionaire romance fairytale retelling of Cinderella. It’s a standalone secret baby/stranded together/royal hero romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and hurricane force winds.  AVAILABLE NOW FOR SALE ON AMAZON AND IN KINDLE UNLIMITED. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY! 


COMING SOON- The Billionaire's Heart of Gold

She’s been locked away in a tower of loneliness…

Angelina Rappaport is more than sheltered—she’s been practically sequestered her whole life. Constantly warned by her eccentric and reclusive mother against the “dangers of the world,” Angelina was only allowed outside her home to attend a strict girls’ school. No parties. No sleepovers. NO boys. 


Even now in her early twenties, the extent of her social life is spending time with the adorable children at the preschool where she works. She’s hardly ever spoken to a man, except for the occasional morning greeting with the fathers of her students. And soon, she’ll obey her mother’s wishes and enter religious service, training to be a nun. 

But gazing out her bedroom window in the turret of her family’s Newport, Rhode Island mansion, Angelina dreams of a different life, one that involves freedom, adventure, love, and children of her own. She at least wants a kiss before she gives up and follows her mother’s plan for her life.

He’d love to help her let her hair down…

Heavyweight boxing champion Sullivan Reece needs help—big time. He might be able to go twelve rounds with the toughest fighters on the planet, but when it comes to his two young daughters… he’s a lightweight. 

Now that his ex has declared herself “done” with mothering and his spirited and mischievous little girls are living with him full-time, the single dad is realizing just how much he doesn’t know about raising kids. His own upbringing in a tough neighborhood left a lot to be desired. He basically raised himself, and honestly, didn’t do all that great a job of it. And then there’s his demanding training schedule and the travel required for his career. What he really needs is a live-in nanny. Yesterday. 

But as newcomer to Newport, Sully has no idea where or how to find the right caretaker for the two most important people in his life. So when his neighbors say they know the perfect person, he jumps at the chance to hire her. She has experience with children, she needs a place to live, and she’s exactly the kind of classy role model he wants for his daughters. 

There’s just one problem… the new nanny is everything he’s not—sweet, innocent, good. It goes without saying she’s completely off-limits.

Oh, and she’s a total knockout. 

The Billionaire’s Heart of Gold is a full-length sweet/clean billionaire romance fairytale retelling of Rapunzel. It’s a standalone forbidden love/forced proximity/slow burn romance with no cheating or cliffhangers but plenty of humor and a gentle bruiser with a heart of gold. Guaranteed to make you swoon, sigh, and smile.